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Our preferred method of payment is via credit cards but we also accept purchase orders. Invoices for purchase orders are delivered via e-mail unless you specifically ask for them otherwise. Invoices for credit card payments are not provided unless specifically requested.

Payments can be made via credit card, wire transfer, money order, or checks drawn on a US bank. Contact support (at) for information about paying via a wire transfer.

Credit Card

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We use PayPal as our credit card payment processing service. They provide both a high degree of security and peace of mind. Ithicos Solutions LLC never has access to nor stores your credit card information. A PayPal account is not required in order to make a payment.

Once you make a payment we must have the DNS domain name of your Active Directory domain and your company/organization name. If you did not provide this during the payment process, you can e-mail it to us at support (@) and let us know that you have purchased and the e-mail that was used on PayPal's web site.

Below is our shopping cart. Add the softare (or software bundle) that you require to the cart and then you can make the payment via PayPal's site. You are allowed to change quantities on PayPal's site.

Product Part Number Price Purchase
Directory Update ITH-DU-D01 $359.00
Directory Manager ITH-DM-D01 $469.00
Directory Search ITH-DS-F01 $249.00
Add-on Products Part Number Price Purchase
Directory Password Add-on (existing Directory Update customers) ITH-DP-D01 $250.00
Directory Manager Add-on (existing Directory Update customers) ITH-DM-F02 $399.00
Directory Search Add-on (existing customers) ITH-DS-F02 $149.00
Directory Update Add-on (existing Directory Manager customers) ITH-DU-D02 $289.00
Bundles (Price reflects discount) Part Number Price Purchase
Directory Update and Directory Password bundle ITH-C04-D01 $609.00
Directory Update and Directory Search bundle ITH-C01-D01 $508.00
Directory Manager and Directory Search bundle ITH-C02-D01 $618.00
Directory Manager and Directory Update bundle ITH-C03-D01 $758.00
Directory Manager, Directory Update, and Directory Search bundle ITH-C05-D01 $907.00
Directory Update, Directory Manager, Directory Search and Directory Password bundle ITH-C06-D01 $1,157.00
Software Maintenance Part Number Price Purchase
Directory Update - 2 years maintenance ITH-DU-2YM $160.00
Directory Manager - 2 years maintenance ITH-DM-2YM $190.00
Directory Search - 2 years maintenance ITH-DS-2YM $100.00
Directory Update and Directory Password bundle - 2 years maintenance ITH-C04-2YM $250.00
Directory Update and Directory Manager bundle - 2 years maintenance ITH-C03-2YM $320.00
Directory Update and Directory Search bundle - 2 years maintenance ITH-C01-2YM $210.00
Directory Manager and Directory Search bundle - 2 years maintenance ITH-C02-2YM $250.00
Directory Update, Directory Manager and Directory Search bundle - 2 years maintenance ITH-C05-2YM $370.00
Directory Update, Directory Manager, Directory Search and Directory Password bundle - 2 years maintenance ITH-C06-2YM $470.00

Common Problems With Credit Cards

PayPal provides both the buyer and the seller with a high degree of security. PayPal takes steps to confirm that the credit card is not being used fraudently and Ithicos Solutions is not provided a record of your credit card information. We are only provided a copy of the sales receipt. One example is that PayPal will not allow a credit card that is registered in the UK to be used from an US Internet address.

We occasionally see problems where a certain type of credit card is not accepted in a certain country. A good (and strange) example of this is that American Express cards cannot be used from Australia.

The most common problems with credit cards is that when you make your purchase the billing address and phone number are not correct. PayPal verifies this with your credit card issuer.

Another problem we see ocassionally is that your bank or credit card issuer does not allow transactions via services such as PayPal. Neither we nor PayPal can correct this; you must call your bank or credit card issuer and ask them to allow a transaction from PayPal.

If a credit card payment is not right for your organization, we do accept purchase orders (and thus payments drawn on US banks or payments made via wire transfers.)

Purchase orders that are e-mailed to us or that are scanned and sent electronically are desired, but we also accept purchase orders via good old fashioned snail mail.

Ithicos Solutions LLC
1439 Kaminaka Drive
Honolulu, HI 96816-1811
Phone: (415) 683-6158
E=mail: support (at)

Note that we no longer accept faxes.

If you require a United States W-9 form, please e-mail us at support (at) and we can send you a copy electronically.

Payment via Wire Transfers

We accept payment via wire transfers. This is sometimes the most convenient way to make an international payment. We expect that your company will pay the cost to initiate the wire transfer (usually $20 - $25) and that you will notify us of the date and time as well as the amount for which the wire transfer was initiated. This helps to make sure that we track the purchase and credit it to your account. Please have someone from your accounting department contact us for wire transfer information at support (at)

Terms and Conditions

Our payment terms (unless negotiated previously) is Net/30. Term starts on the date we send you an invoice.

For most customers, pricing is straight forward; there are no “per user” costs associated with our software. Best of all, no sales people calling you. All pricing is in US dollars. When products are purchased at the same time, a bundle discount is given.

Note that pricing is valid for credit card purchases and may not reflect taxes applied by your specific countries. If your country requires that you deduct taxes prior to paying an invoice, please contact us for a quote.


Directory Update, Directory Manager, Directory Search, and Directory Password are licensed on a per-domain basis. You need a license key for *each* domain in which you have user accounts that will use the software.

Directory Search is licensed on a per-forest basis. You need a single license for your entire forest.

When you purchase software, we need your company/organization name and the DNS domain name of your Active Directory domain in order to generate a license key for you.

Perpetual Licensing

Our software license is a perpetual use license. You can continue to use the software as long as you wish to use it. Annual software maintenance and support is not required in order to continue to use the software. We do, however, urge you to keep current on software maintenance, but it is not required. Note that if you require updates or new versions after your support has expired you must pay your software maintenance from the point at which it expired until one year in the future.

Volume Discounts and Site Licenses

Site licenses and discounts are available for customers with more than five or more Active Directory domains in their organization. For more information and volume pricing, contact support (at)

Changes to browsers, the .NET Framework, and server operating systems may require updating your software. We urge our customers to keep their software maintenance and support current. As long as your maintenance is current, you are eligible to upgrade to the newest version of any software you own.

All software including custom developed solutions includes support and updates for one year after purchase. Annual maintenance and support is available for additional years of support. Our annual support and maintenance plan is very similar to most software businsses in the industry.

One year of support and software maintenance is included with the purchase of the product. Additional years of support can be purchased for approximately 25% of the current cost of the software. Support must remain current; if you fall behind in support you must purchase support from the point at which it expired.

Support notifications are sent out via e-mail between one and two months prior to expiration. They are sent to the contacts that we have for your company. We recommend setting up an alias on your e-mail system, such as that can receive notifications rather than using individual mailboxes.

To remain on software support, there are several key things you must know:

  • Annual maintenance and support costs are between 20% and 30% of the current cost of the software.

  • Support is usually purchased in increments of two years. This is done to reduce the amount of paperwork performed annually since support costs are generally low.

  • Support must remain current. If your support expires, you must purchase support starting from the expiration date.

  • For customers that have annual support, if problems arise with older versions of the software, will usually ask you to upgrade to a newer version.

  • Support does not include customer-side customization to files such as regular expressons, style sheets or ASP.NET files.

  • New versions of our software generally require new license keys. Contact support to request new license keys.

Transfering Licenses to Different Domains

Migrations, transitions, and consolidations are a way of life in Information Technology. Your license keys are tied to a specific Active Directory domain, however if your software maintenance is up-to-date we will issue you a new license key for the new domain. have migrated to a new Active Directory domain.

Contact our support alias (support (at) and provide us your old DNS domain name. We will transfer your license to the new domain, but no further licenses can be issued to the old domain.

Don't know what you own?

If you don't know which software packaes you purchased or when your software expired, please contact our support alias. Let us know your company name and the DNS domain name of your Active Directory domains. We can look up the information and provide it to you.

License Key and Software Delivery

License keys are delivered via e-mail. Software is only delivered electronically via a download from our Downloads page.

We strive to deliver license keys as soon as we get the purchase notification, but usually (worst case) are able to deliver them within 24 hours. The software is fully functional in evaluation mode, though, and you can add the license key later. We are based in Honolulu, Hawaii (-10 hours GMT).

Tax and Company Information

If your company requires tax documents, such as a United Stats W-9 form or United States Federal EIN number, we can easily provide that information; e-mail support (at) . Ithicos Solutions LLC is a member managed, limited liabilty corporation that is incoporated and based in Honolulu, Hawaii. Official company contact information is as follows:

Ithicos Solutions LLC
1439 Kaminaka Drive
Honolulu, HI 96816-1811
Phone: (415) 683-6158