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Here is how you can contact us...

E-mail: support (at)
Snail Mail: Ithicos Solutions
1439 Kaminaka Drive
Honolulu, HI 96816
Telephone: (415) 683-6158

We endeavor to reply to e-mail, messenger, and telephone messages the same day that we recieve them but certainly within a 24-hour timeframe. Please keep in mind that we are a small company. In exchange for your patience, we can keep our prices low and your tech support questions will be handled by a real systems engineer or programmer rather than a script reader.

Contacting Us For Support

When you contact us, please submit a support requet via email first. Here is some helpful information to provide to us:

  1. The product you are using and the version (such as Directory Manager v1.5)
  2. Server operating system version
  3. Did the software ever work?
  4. Have you applied the most recent Windows/Microsoft critical and recommended updates to your IIS server?
  5. What other web applications are running on the same IIS server?
  6. From the IIS server console, open a web browser to http://localhost/directoryupdate (for example). Are you seeing any errors?
  7. Send us your XML files

Feedback and Suggestions

Our software is customer driven; many of our current features started as an idea from a customer or potential customer. We would love to hear from you. If you have an idea or suggestion for a feature, please let us know. support (at)

Software written, sold, and supported by techies

Necessity is the mother of invention. Our first application (Directory Update) started out as a consulting project that Jim McBee and ITCS Hawaii was doing for a large customer. The customer has a global web/LDAP directory used by approximately 120,000 people. The global directory was built by synchronizing from approximately one dozen separate Active Directory forests using Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Management (ILM) server.

The problem is that the telephone number, address, job title, and office information in these separate Active Directory forests was not accurate. The customer did not want to install the client version of GALMOD on all the desktops nor was the web-based version of GALMOD flexible enough for their needs. Solutions such as Imanami’s or The DotNet Factory’s, while very functional and feature rich, were too complex. Other the third party products that offered the ability to do this were too expensive and had far too many features for the simple application that was required.

Having each user submit a ticket, e-mail or call the help desk to have their information updated (sometimes a user requires updates once or twice a year) would overwhelm the help desk.

A custom application was designed and developed for this organization's needs.

A few other customers inquired about using this application in their own environments. From these requests, Ithicos Solutions and the Directory Update application was born.

Ithicos Solutions LLC

Ithicos Solutions LLC is a limited liability corporation based in Honolulu, Hawaii. The company was founded in 2007 as a company dedicated to the development, sales, and support of the tools that were originally developed by ITCS Hawaii.

ITCS Hawaii is a small consulting company based in Honolulu, Hawaii and a Registered Microsoft Partner. The company was founded in 1993 by internationally recognized Exchange MVP and MCT Jim McBee to provide training and consulting services. The company focuses on design and implementation of Exchange Server and Active Directory solutions as well as evangelizing Microsoft solutions all over the world.

While we sometimes design applications but usually do not write them ourselves, but have the customer work directly with developers or other contractors. Though the company is based in Honolulu, Hawaii, we have customers in all corners of the globe.

ITCS Hawaii’s business model has always been to empower their customers to do the job themselves through training, over-the-shoulder consulting, and group collaboration.

Ithicos Solutions continues that tradition by enabling our customers (an organization’s IT department) to empower their own customers to be more efficient.

We are still a small company: we have no receptionist, no sales people, and no marketing department. If you talk to someone in the company or e-mail someone in the company, more than likely you are talking to one of the owners or developers. At any given time, our entire staff may be on consulting projects or on site working with our local customers. Our staff includes:

Jim McBee – LLC Managing Member Matt Suriya – LLC Member and Lead Developer Jordan Chang – Software Engineer and Quality Assurance Top Yongyingsakthaworn – Software Engineer

If you are wondering where the name Ithicos comes from, it was a name that we made up (it was partially derived from “ITCS Hawaii”.) The first time we Googled the word, we got no hits.