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We offer several directory solutions...

Ithicos Solutions provides easy-to-use and easy-to-install web-based tools for maintaining Active Directory information. You host these applications on an Internet Information Service (IIS) server within your own Active Directory forest and you (the administrator) control the attributes, drop-downs, validation rules, and configuration of the application.

Our applications are written using Microsoft’s Visual Studio, C#, ASP.NET, and the .NET Framework to produce a Web 2.0 application that uses AJAX controls to provide the user with a friendly, functional web interface to the Active Directory.

We use standard LDAP to communicate between the application on the IIS server and Active Directory domain controllers. No intermediary database is used; when the user updates information, the server immediately sends that update to the Active Directory domain controller.

All that is required on the client is a supported Web browser.

Directory Update

Directory Update - Self Service Active Directory is an easy-to-use self-service solution that allows a user to update their own information in the Active Directory via a customizable Web interface. The administrator specifies which fields are to be updated, dropdown lists, and field validation formats. Directory Update was originally designed as an alternative to Microsoft's GALMOD or GALMOD32. At US$359 per Active Directory domain, this is the best self service solution for your IT budget.

Directory Manager

Directory Manager Human Resources Update Active Directory is a simple "delegated management" Web interface that allows an authorized user to update other user's information in the Active Directory. Designated managers can search for a specific user account and can then update the attributes that the administrator has specified. Attributes can be configured with drop-down lists of valid information and telephone numbers formats and other fields can be can be validated. Directory Manager is ideal for the Human Resources department, department secretary or receptionist and at US$469 per Active Directory domain is very affordable.

Directory Search

Directory Search - Active Directory Phone Book is a stand-alone Web application that provides your users with an Active Directory-based phone book or white pages for your organization. This simple application is licensed one time for an entire Active Directory forest and is customized in much the same way as Directory Update and Directory Manager.

Directory Password

Directory Password is an optional add-on for Directory Update that allows a user to reset their password or unlock their user account. The "reset or forgot" password feature is different than the "Change Password" feature that is built-in to Directory Update. For the forgot password feature, a user must answer a set of security questions to reset their password. The user must have previously set answers for those questions. The user must be able to access a web page via a kiosk or co-workers computer in order to reset their password.