Active Directory Update - Allow users to update their own Active Directory information

Directory Update Online Demo

Want to see Directory Update for yourself. We have a demo site that lets you look at an actual, functioning copy of the software in a test environment. The demo is running our soon-to-be-released v2.0 version. 

Each of these demo sites represents a different view of customization.  In a typical environment, you would not have all of these fields visible or even required by the user. Fields can be hidden, disabled (so the user can see, but not edit them), and field labels can be customized.

Username:   Lee.Adama
Password:   $ecret123

Standard User Interface Site:  

  • The Manager and Assistant fields are enabled on this user interface.
  • The Office Phone field is required and the phone format is validated (USA phone format). The format is validated using a Regular Expression.
  • The new version 1.6 photo feature is shown, but photo editing is disabled.
  • The Address Sets feature is enabled; if you select an Office location the address is changed. This is an optional feature.
  • The Preferred Airline (extensionAttribute1) uses a "combo" box that allows either a drop-down or text to manually entered.

Want to take a further test drive? Download a fully functional evaluation copy today. Please review the documentation for requirements and setup / customization instructions.

Directory Manager Online Demo

Take a test drive of our latest product, Directory Manager. Directory Manager allows a designated person (or group of people) to update other people's Active Directory information. Just like Directory Update, the administrator decides what fields the Directory Manager user can see and what is in the drop-down lists. This demo is running version of Directory Manager v1.5 which includes multi-domain support, improved filtering, and searching by organizational unit (OU)!

Username:   Lee.Adama
Password:   $ecret123

Standard User Interface site:

Directory Search Online Demo

Would you like to see Directory Search in action? View our Directory Search Online Demo and see it for yourself.  Note that this demo uses the same Active Directory database as our online Directory Manager demo. Anonymous access is enabled for this site, but you can configure this to use either Integrated Windows Authentication, anonymous, or basic authentication in your own environment.




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