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Attribute Support List

In all current versions of Directory Update, Directory Manager, and Directory Search, the attributes that we support are hard-coded in to the Directory Update DLL. Not all attributes need to be displayed on the User Information form, though. We have tried hard to include every attribute that most company's require. If you have made schema extensions, contact us about custom programming as we may be able to add your additional attributes to our interface. The following is a list of the attributes (and it's corresponding LDAP attribute name) that may be displayed on the User Information form.

If you are interested in customizing the Exchange Global Address List details template, you will be interested in the Edit fields information in the Exchange Details template name (coming soon!)

Attribute Our XML name LDAP
Exchange Details
template name
General Section
First name firstName givenName  
Middle initial initials initials  
Middle name middleName middleName  
Last name lastName sn  
Display name displayName displayName  
User name userName samAccountName
(not modifiable)
Email address email email  
Name Suffix nameSuffix nameSuffix  
Personal title personalTitle personalTitle  
Photo photo jpegPhoto or
Not available
Organization section
Company name company company  
Office office physicalDeliveryOffice  
Department department department  
Department number departmentNumber departmentNumber  
Division division division  
Title title title  
Employee ID employeeID employeeID  
Employee Number employeeNumber employeeNumber  
Employee Type employeeType employeeType  
Manager manager manager  
Secretary secretary secretary  
Assistant assistant assistant and
Telephone section
Office phone officePhone telephoneNumber  
Other Office Phone otherOfficePhone    
Office fax fax facsimileTelephoneNumber  
Other fax otherFax otherFacsimileTelephoneNumber  
Home Phone homePhone homePhone  
Mobile Phone mobile mobile  
Other Mobile Phone otherMobile otherMobile  
Pager pager pager  
Other Pager otherPager    
IP Phone ipPhone ipPhone  
Other IP Phone otherIpPhone    
Assistant Phone   telephoneAssistant  
UM Operator msExchUMOperatorNumber msExchUMOperatorNumber  
Address section
Street Address streetAddress streetAddress  
Room # roomNumber roomNumber  
Post Office Box postOfficeBox postOfficeBox  
City city l  
State stateOrProvince st  
Zip or Postal Code zipOrPostalCode postalCode  
Country country c, co, and countryCode  
Custom Attributes section
Custom Attribute 1 extensionAttribute1 extensionAttribute1  
Custom Attribute 2 extensionAttribute2 extensionAttribute2  
Custom Attribute 3 extensionAttribute3 extensionAttribute3  
Custom Attribute 4 extensionAttribute4 extensionAttribute4  
Custom Attribute 5 extensionAttribute5 extensionAttribute5  
Custom Attribute 6 extensionAttribute6 extensionAttribute6  
Custom Attribute 7 extensionAttribute7 extensionAttribute7  
Custom Attribute 8 extensionAttribute8 extensionAttribute8  
Custom Attribute 9 extensionAttribute9 extensionAttribute9  
Custom Attribute 10 extensionAttribute10 extensionAttribute10  
Custom Attribute 11 extensionAttribute11 extensionAttribute11  
Custom Attribute 12 extensionAttribute12 extensionAttribute12  
Custom Attribute 13 extensionAttribute14 extensionAttribute14  
Custom Attribute 14 extensionAttribute14 extensionAttribute14  
Custom Attribute 15 extensionAttribute15 extensionAttribute15  
Additional Info section
Web Page webPage wWWHomePage  
Description description description  
Notes notes info  



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