Active Directory Update - Allow users to update their own Active Directory information

Purchasing Directory Update, Directory Manager or Directory Search


We have a new Ithicos Solutions web site!   Please visit the Ithicos Solutions new site.  This site will no longer be maintained.  Note that prices will also be increasing on December 10, 2011.


The Directory Update and Directory Manager are priced on a per domain basis (unlike some products that license based on the number of users). Directory Search is licensed one time for an entire Active Directory forest (you only need ONE license.) Still on the fence and trying to decide? Read why you should purchase Directory Update.

Pricing? Don't worry, you don't need to have an annoying sales person call you back!  Directory Update is US$359 per Active Directory domain while Directory Manager is $469 per Active Directory domain. Directory Search is US$249 per forest or US$149 for existing customers. A license key is required to use the product for longer than 10 days. To get an license key, you must provide the company/organization name to which you want to register the product and the DNS domain name of the Active Directory.  Discounts are available if you purchase multiple products at one time.

You download the installable software from here.  Updates and bug fixes from registered customers is available for free for one year from date of purchase. 

A single domain license covers as many installations as you want to use against a single Active Directory domain. However, if you need to install in a test lab first, that is permitted.

Credit Cards

VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards are accepted.  We use PayPal to process credit cards, but a PayPal account is NOT required. Click HERE to PAY via Credit Card.

When placing an order, we need 2 things from you!

  1. The DNS domain name of the Active Directory in which Directory Update will be used
  2. The organization name to which Directory Update will registered

You can include this on the PayPal form or you can e-mail it to us.  You will receive a license key for your organization within 24 hours of your order.

Purchase Orders

Company purchase orders can be e-mailed / faxed to:

Ithicos Solutions
Attn:  Jim McBee
1439 Kaminaka Drive
Honolulu, HI  96816
(415) 683-6158  (phone)
(415) 494-0645 (New fax number)
jmcbee  (@)

Payment Via Wire Transfers

We accept payment via wire transfers. This is often the most convenient way to make an international payment. We expect that your company will pay the cost to initiate the wire transfer (usually US$20 - US$25) and that you will notify us of the date and time that the wire transfer was initiated. This helps to make sure we track the purchase and credit your account. Please have someone from your accounting department contact us for wire transfer information at support (at)

Volume Discounts

Site licenses and discounts are available for customers with more than four Active Directory domains in their organization. For more information and volume pricing, contact  JMcBee @   or   support @

Evaluating Directory Update, Directory Manager or Directory Search

Click here to download the evaluation version. During installation, when prompted for the customer information check the "Evaluation Version" checkbox. This version can also be used as the fully licensed version provided you have a license key.

Custom Programming

Need a special feature included with Directory Update? Custom programming is available.  For more information and payment options, see the Custom Programming page.


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