Active Directory Update - Allow users to update their own Active Directory information

Directory Update Downloads

We have a new Ithicos Solutions web site!   Please visit the Ithicos Solutions new site.  This site will no longer be maintained.  Note that prices will also be increasing on December 10, 2011. 


Windows Server 2003  (x86 or x64), Windows Server 2008 (x86 or x64) and Windows Server 2008 R2 are fully supported. Note that all versions of our software require the .NET Framework v3.5.  On Windows Server 2008, the IIS 6 compatibility components of IIS 7/7.5 are also required.

Directory Update v2.1.2 - Newest version! - Effectively immediately, new purchases will have licenses keys issued for v2.1.2, not v1.9 or earlier. Contact support if you wish to upgrade.  Read the v2.x Release Notes for more information. For a quick reference for tips and installations, see the Directory Update Quick Reference Guide.

Looking for a way to better enforce Directory Update usage and improve the accuracy of the data in Active Directory?  See the Directory Update "auto launch" page for a useful script that will automatically run Directory Update from a logon script. This unsupported script is provided "as is".

Directory Password v1.0 - New Product! - Directory Password v1.0 is in limited release. This tool allows a user to answer some security questions and either reset their password or unlock their account.  Note that we do NOT include software that allows the user to do this from a locked computer.  The user must be able to access a web browser from a kiosk or co-worker's computer.  Documentation is still in development, but see the Directory Password Quick Reference guide.

Directory Manager v1.6 - Newest version! - Delegated management of Active Directory.  New features includes photo support, improved searching options, and text/dropdown/combo field types.  This is the newest version of Directory Manager. Delegate permissions to update other users by putting them in the Directory Update Managers group. Features include searching by OU, additional search filters, multi-domain support, and exporting search results to an Excel spreadsheet.  For a quick reference for tips and installations, see the Directory Manager Quick Reference Guide. This installer will work in Windows 2003/2008 x86 or x64.

Directory Search v1.6.1 - Newest version! - Turn your Active Directory in to your company's "white pages" or company phone book.  Our newest product, Directory Search, allows a customizable search interface that allows your users to easily find one person or the people in an entire department! A single license can service an entire Active Directory forest. 

Existing Customers: Please note that license keys for previous versions do not work with Directory Update v1.6, Directory Update v1.7, Directory Manager v1.2, Directory Manager v1.3, and Directory Search v1.2,  customers eligible for upgrades should contact support (at)  Notice that you are eligible for support and free updates of the software you purchased for one year after purchase. Additional years of support can be purchased for approximately 20% of the cost of the software per year.  Support must be purchased before or starting at the time it expires.


Applying Filters - Required reading for Directory Search and Directory Manager customers! Learn the different filtering options available to you when customizing the user interface.

Directory Manager Segmented Installation - Some customers need the ability to run different instances for different users. This is helpful when you want different people to be able to update different groups of users or to update different fields.

Directory Manager v1.3 documentation - The documentation is a "work in progress", but the first few sections will be useful since it helps define the configuration files and how to edit them. We will be updating this off and on until it is up-to-date.

Directory Update v1.6 / 1.7 This documentation was developed for earlier versions but it applies to later versions as well.

Directory Update v1.3 documentation. Please review this documentation for requirements, installation instructions and customization.

Directory Update Settings files (includes the default AppSettings.xml, DirectorySettings.xml, AddressSettings.xml, and Style.css.

Older versions
   Directory Update v1.9
    Directory Update v1.5 
    Directory Manager v1.1
    Directory Search v1.1
    Directory Update v1.6
    Directory Manager v1.3
    Directory Manager v1.2
    Directory Search v1.2

 XML and other configuration files (in case you really mess them up!)
     Directory Update v1.6 XML, ASPX, and CSS files
     Directory Manager v1.2 XML, ASPX, and CSS files
     Directory Search v1.2 XML, ASPX, and CSS files
     v1.5 -  All XML files: AppSettings.XML, DirectorySettings.XML, AddressSettings.XML
     v1.4.1 - Default APPSETTINGS.XML file
     v1.3.0 - Default APPSETTINGS.XML file
     v1.2.6 - Default APPSETTINGS.XML file

Even older software - We have removed older versions of our software from the web site. as they are no longer supported. We encourage you to upgrade if you are eligible for an upgrade.  If you need an older installer, please contact support (at)

Updating domain controller, service account, and license information

Please use the Configuration Wizard that comes with Directory Update v1.6 and later to update your settings. This tool is found on the Start menu at All Programs -> Directory Manager or All Programs -> Directory Update.

Useful Downloads

Notepad++ is a great editor (including XML files!).  And it's free! And it's easy to use! Every system administrator should get this editor! It leaves Notepad in the dust

ADMODIFY.NET - The most useful Active Directory utility ever written


WWW Directory Update site