Active Directory Update - Allow users to update their own Active Directory information

Evaluating Active Directory Update

We have a new Ithicos Solutions web site!   Please visit the Ithicos Solutions new site.  This site will no longer be maintained after December 10, 2011. 

There is an evaluation version available that is fully functional for 10 days from the date of installation. Click here to go the  Downloads page and download the software. That's right, just download the evaluation. No phone numbers required.  No e-mail addresses required. No annoying sales people calling you.  And, if you decide you like the software, you can purchase it and activate the evaluation copy.

During installation, when prompted for the customer information check the "Evaluation Version" checkbox. This version can also be used as the fully installable version provided you have a license key, however the license key and company name cannot be changed once the product is installed. It must be re-installed to enter the license information.

Evaluation Install

Moving from Evaluation to Registered Version

All customization you will do with the Directory Update application is done in the APPSETTINGS.XML file.  Before any re-installation, you need to make sure you save a copy of this file. 

If you wish to configure the evaluation version and purchase it later, make sure you save your APPSETTINGS.XML file before removing or re-installing the product.  Once you have re-installed the Directory Update application, copy the customized APPSETTINGS.XML file back to the original location.

Note that this only works if you were evaluating the same release that you then install. The APPSETTINGS.XML file format and information may change between versions and will have to be recreated.

Feedback and Wish List

We appreciate your feedback.  If you download Directory Update, we would like to hear what you think and what improvements you would like to see in a future version.

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