Active Directory Update - Allow users to update their own Active Directory information

Introducing Directory Search

You have invested in keeping your Active Directory up-to-date? Make that information available to your users! Even in smaller businesses, users complain that they can't find the right information about their co-workers. Who is in the Sales department? What is William Adama's title? What is Kara Thrace's phone number?  Who is Brenda Johnson's manager?

Introducing Directory Search! The Web-based white pages for your Active Directory.
Directory Search - Active Directory white pages

Directory Search is a Web-based application that is based on the search interface in our Directory Manager application. Search criteria for searching the Active Directory including display name, user name, manager, department, title, e-mail address, company, office, employee ID, phone number, and even the extension attributes. Not all search criteria are displayed by default.

If enabled, the user can then export their search results to a spreadsheet or they can click on the Edit My Info button and be re-directed to the Directory Update application (purchased separately) so they can update their own Active Directory information. If you choose to enable this feature, Directory Search will allow you to export your search results to a spreadsheet. The administrator specifies which fields can be exported.

By default, anonymous logon access is enabled for Directory Search, but the installer can configure Directory Search to use forms-based authentication or Integrated Windows Authentication.  The installer can also configure which fields are visible on the user information form and which columns/fields are shown in the search listing.


Directory Search is ready for use. You can download the newest version (1.6) from our Downloads page and purchase it on your Purchasing page. The price is US$199 for your entire Active Directory forest. If you are an existing customer that is current on your software support agreement, you can purchase Directory Search for US$99.

Online Demo

Would you like to see Directory Search in action? View our Directory Search Online Demo and see it for yourself. What you will see is the current beta version. We update this page every few days as we add new features. Note that this demo uses the same Active Directory database as our online Directory Manager and Directory Update demo. .

We Value Your Input

As with all of our other products, Directory Search is customer driven. During the early development cycle, we took input from several customers that wanted an application like this. Please let us know what you think an what you would like to see in Directory Search. Send us an e-mail to support (at) and let us know what you think.

Attributes List

Directory Search uses an Active Directory Global Catalog server for search requests and information about users. This allows Directory Search to work in any Active Directory forest. However, this means certain attributes (such as Company or Title) may not appear in the selected user's information unless 1) you have installed some version of Exchange server in your Active Directory forest or 2) you flag individual attributes to be visible in the Global Catalog (using the Schema Management console).

Future Features

We are looking at a number of features that will be incorporated in the either v1.0 of the product or future releases. Let us know if these sound good to you.

  • Organization chart viewing (view a person's manager and direct reports)
  • Add individual to Outlook contacts


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