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Even in a small organization, keeping Microsoft's Active Directory information current and updated can be a real challenge. Active Directory is at the core of many organization's information systems. Users rely on the Active Directory or the Exchange Global Address List (GAL) to provide them with information (telephone number, address, department, etc…) about other users and contacts within their organization. Stale or out-of-date directory information frustrates users and can cause line-of-business or workflow applications to function sub optimally.

Ithicos Solutions LLC provides economical, customizable, easy-to-use, Web-based solutions that reduce the directory administrator's workload and keeps the Active Directory's information up-to-date for its users. With a simple configuration, the administrator can provide users with a secure, customized web page that allows users to update their own personal information.

Don’t buy more software features than you need! Choose the combination of products and features that is right for you organization.

Directory Update

Directory Update provides your users a flexible and friendly web-based self-service interface that allows the end user to update their own Microsoft Active Directory and Global Address List - GAL - information. The user can only update the information that the administrator allows. Directory Update provides a number of distinct advantages over the Exchange 2010 / 2013 Exchange Control Panel - ECP - including more control of field / drop down list data and field validation.

Directory Manager

Directory Manager allows an authorized user or users (such as the Human Resources department, Help Desk, or a receptionist) update other user’s Active Directory information. The administrator can restrict for which user accounts the authorized Directory Manager can search and restrict the information that can be updated. Directory Manager provides significantly more control and flexiblity over the Exchagne Control Panel (ECP) including drop-down lists, field validation, photo uploads - thumbnailPhoto - and more flexible field/attribute choices.

Directory Search

Directory Search turns your Active Directory in to a powerful corporate phone book or company white pages that leverages your Active Directory. Your users can search the Active Directory from a single Web-page interface.

Directory Password

Directory Password is an optional add-on product that allows the user to reset their own password or unlock their own user account if locked. Users answer their security questions using Directory Update.